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DH Securiy Group has been set up to offer the best in Security and Training services. Established in 2015 our newly formed Group combines all the Security knowledge and expertise to offer you the very best and most up-to-date of training and guidance. The only one of its kind in Mauritius, bringing a new concept to the Security profession.

our mission

As our country has developed rapidly in the past few years, our security sector too requires a fast development in order to fulfil the demand of the population, foreign investors and the main income of our country, i.e, the tourism industry. We are durely licensed to provide security services and alarm monitoring system with the Mauritius Tourism Authority. DH Security Group has been set up by Mr. Dharamsingh Hosanee who had started out as check-in officer and moved up to public relation officer with the late Commissioner of Police, Mr. Jacques Ribet, pioneer of the very first security company developed on the island, namely SECURICOR MAURITIUS LTD. Mr. Dharamsingh has also gained a high level of experience with investigation matters and owns a Private Investigation license issued by the Commissioner of Police.


  • DH Security Group are also dealers in Radio communication through wireless and duly licence with the Information Communication Technologies Authority also owner of its frequencies.
  • Providing WIRELESS CLOCKING DEVICE's for proper monitoring of security guards on any site around the island linked directly to all our 24hr control rooms.

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