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Our security company, namely the Special Security Guards Ltd has been incorporated since February 1994 and has over 26 years of experience in the different aspects of security services within Mauritius. As our country has developed rapidly in the past few years, our security sector too requires a fast development in order to fulfil the demand of the population, foreign investors and the main income of our country, i.e, the tourism industry. We are durely licensed to provide security services and alarm monitoring system with the Mauritius Tourism Authority.


A Security Guard is employed to provide protection and security services during his terms of duty. This can either be environment assets, building, etc.

Scope of dutIES

  1. Typical duties will include:
    1. General guarding, including frequent patrol in compound.
    2. Entry and egress access control.
    3. Preventing unauthorised access to premises and controlling the identity of visitors.
    4. Maintaining incident and daily operating reports.
    5. Performing security checks.
    6. Recording movements of all incoming and outgoing vehicles.
    7. Helping and directing visitors to offices.
    8. Checking of vehicles in the presence of drivers, prior to taking over.
    9. Checking of doors, padlocks and other property in the compound, paying special attention to materials and equipment.
    10. Performing random checks on persons/vehicles leaving the compound.
    11. Answering telephone or radio calls.
    12. Keeping of keys.
    13. Securing all exterior doors and gates on schedule.
    14. In case of fire or flooding, informing promptly the respective Representative of the Employer and calling for assistance from the Fire Services promptly.
    15. Reporting any abnormal occurrence to the respective Representative of the Employer.
    16. Performing any other duty related to security as may be directed by the respective Representative of the Employer.
    A security guard must be at all times properly dressed and sober so that the general public respect his/her duty. Avoid any temptation in any course of corruption that may occur.


Security Guard Job description

  • Surveillance of an asset
  • Escort duties (Armed or Disarmed)
  • Mobile Patrol
  • Control room operator (CCTV/Alarm/Radios)
  • Cash in transit with revolver
  • Identifying and preventing risky situations
  • Decreasing criminal activity
  • Communicating and assisting police enforcement
  • Assisting people during emergency situations when they arise
  • All proper entries related to their duties should be properly recorded in the dairy book of the posted site
  • At all times, a proper handing and taking over is compulsory
  • Any short-comings observed during the terms of duties, the control room should be informed immediately as well as the site supervisors

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