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As our country is moving fastly towards the new era, I am introducing a new security system with latest technologies to meet the increasing demand of the Mauritian population. My aim is to monitor the smooth running of the new security company namely DEFENCE HITECH SECURITY SERVICES LTD over the whole island from one main Control Room on 24 hours monitoring together with various sub offices link through the latest technology, si nce Aug 2006

This company is well equipped with several vehicles with radio communications and trained security officers to patrol all around the island with quick communication with the latest high technology based at our main control room. For a proper monitoring of our security guards we have fully well equipped PATROL DEVICE through wireless. Checks will be carried out by day and night by others supervisors on motorcycles with their portable radios. Actually the company is dealing with SSG LTD (Special Security Guards Ltd with 19 years experience in security field) for hiring of Radio Communication, which is duly registered with ICTA (copy is attached) and also wireless Camera, CCTV Camera, D.V.R and Wireless Alarm System. All the network and equipments belongs to SSG Ltd. The company has trained security guards how to use firearm. The Company has several control rooms fully equipped to cover any emergency that may arises as it has its own network. This company will have full support from SSG Ltd in case of shortage of equipments and personnel.

Radio CommunicationS
& Wireless Clocking DeviceS

Dealers in Radio communication thru wireless and duly licence with the Information Communication Technologies Authority also owner of its frequencies.

Providing WIRELESS CLOCKING DEVICE for proper monitoring of security guards on any site around the island linked directly to all our 24hr control rooms.


Concerning absentees, i.e in case the security guard posted on your site fail to turn up for duty and did not even inform the control room about it, then our checking officer will do the necessary immediately to place another security over there. Some of our security officers are trained with Police Officers at the Line Barracks whereas some are trained under the leadership of MAMI SECURITY Organisation of South Africa. If need be, trained dogs and armed guards can be provided.



  • Rapid Intervention

  • 24HR Mobile Patrol

  • Armed Guard Euipped with Revolver

  • 24HR Monitoring Clocking Devices


  • Security Equipment from supplied from South Africa

    24HR Emergency Services with Fully Equipped Ambulance

    Dealers in Radio Communications

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